We are happy to organise and deliver workshops onsite at your institution. We appreciate it is not always possible or practical to attend our professional development events. In response to growing interest in ‘Student-Generated Induction: A Social Identity Approach’ we have seen a growth in demand for bespoke events. We have already delivered onsite workshops for institutions such as Kings College, London, University of Derby, University of Exeter, Queen Mary, University of London, University of Surrey, University of Salford , University of Sunderland, University of Essex as well as for conferences and other events.

Having an event on your premises can be very cost effective and sessions can be delivered easily for up to 35 participants. Workshops can be organised for sessions of different durations and can be made to fit available time-slots. These can be 1-2 hours, half a day or a full day as required.

If you would like to discuss a workshop on your premises please get in touch by sending an email to contact@sharedthinking.info